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Reaching the B2B Informed Buyer

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The case for a different framework

Why do we need another approach to B2B buyers? Because the prevailing B2B buying methodologies are all flawed. The scope of the problem has changed - and solutions to reach today's informed buyers fall short.

At diginomica, we've had ten years to forge a different path to B2B buyers. We rely on a different analysis of the B2B content problem, and put forth a different method.

This d·book is not intended to discredit other B2B buying methodologies; the goal is to present a provocative alternative – and puncture a few marketing-tech hype balloons along the way.

Virtually all B2B buyer's journeys still come down to this: awareness > consideration > decision.

That doesn't cut it anymore. Why? Because buyers aren't always buying. In this in-depth, hard-hitting d·book, Jon Reed makes the case for a different framework.


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