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How Uberflip is building more than a digital sales room

Barb Mosher Zinck Profile picture for user barb.mosher July 31, 2023
Tapping into the growing demand for digital sales rooms...


According to GTM Partners, the demand for digital sales rooms has grown by 325% year over year. It's another sign that much of the buyer's purchase journey is happening online, and companies need to create personalized spaces that bring everything together in one place to help a buyer decide if they are the right choice.

GTM Partners defines a digital sales room as:

...a virtual data room or online deal room, is an online platform that provides a secure and centralized space for members of a selling team to share everything the buying team needs to make a decision in a single place.

Of the solution providers GTM Partners found in this category, 16 are pureplay vendors, and another 18 are companies in adjacent categories that have added deal room capabilities (think sales enablement, content experience, video platforms, and a few others). 

One of the content experience platforms is Uberflip, which launched its deal room, Sales Assist, three years ago and continues to advance its capabilities. I spoke with Uberflip co-founder and CEO Yoav Schwartz about the category and why Uberflip sees it as a natural extension of their content experience platform.

A full-funnel solution 

Schwartz says that Uberflip has always considered itself a full-funnel solution. It may not have started that way, but the company has been evolving and "organically moving down the buyer's journey." They built Sales Assist with the recognition that marketing is all about the continuous hand-off between marketing and sales - and you can't build that process well when you keep the two completely separate.

Uberflip wants to help orchestrate that GTM motion. It is doing it by giving BDRs and SDRs who straddle the fence between marketing and sales a place where they can provide potential customers with all kinds of information to help them make a decision. And it's easy to set up. Using a Chrome extension that works alongside Gmail, Outlook, and sales engagement platforms like Outreach, Salesloft, and Salesforce, a sales rep can quickly create a new deal room, pulling in a Salesforce account or opportunity automatically (assuming the customer uses Salesforce) and picking from a list of templates that come pre-populated with some content. 

Once the room is created, the rep can add more content from Uberflip or upload new content and customize the experience. They can integrate a calendar, chat, and video platform to add more functionality to the room. They can also create a welcome video and apply gated calls to action, so each person who gets access to it has to enter their information to get access (you can gate based on domain name if you want). 

Schwartz also showed the analytics part of the solution, where a sales manager can see the overall performance of the team or dive into individual reps' performance. Things like how many rooms they create, how many people are in each room, and what kind of engagement they are getting are some of the metrics. 

Also in beta is a new app in the Salesforce AppExchange that allows a sales rep to place Sales Assist on any lightning page, either account, opportunity, or contact. The app will show the rep any rooms built for that account and enable them to build a new room. It will also show activity in an existing room. 

One thing that Schwartz argues (and I've heard it from at least one other sales tech company - GTM Buddy) is that sales reps don't need another browser tab. They need to be able to access capabilities on the screens they work in daily, including email. 

Supporting the entire buying committee

More than one person is involved in buying software, especially in the enterprise. But solutions that support buying committees are still rare (Demandbase and 6sense have this ability). Schwartz says it was important that Sales Assist did this as well. That's why the gated CTAs. 

As the link to the deal room is shared and people log in to get access, Sales Assist can send that information to an integrated marketing automation platform, where those additional committee members can be nurtured if the deal is not progressing. 

The importance of content in the buyer journey

In my recent conversation with Randy Frisch, Uberflip's Chief Brand Officer and co-founder. it was apparent they see content experience as critical to every part of the buyer journey. And Sales Assist is another part of that journey. 

It's also why Uberflip thinks it has a key differentiator in this category. Uberflip has a content management system as its backbone. That means sales reps have easy access to all kinds of content to share, from the top of the funnel to sales to product marketing and customer support. 

Schwartz says that the room doesn't go away once a deal closes. It becomes a customer portal for onboarding and ongoing support. And Uberflip can maintain all that content to support customers.

There's another edge that Uberflip has that Schwartz didn't mention, but it makes sense to me. Uberflip has a marketplace. Instead of trying to build every feature or function to support a deal room, they allow other vendors to integrate their solutions with Uberflip. As Schwartz argues, Uberflip's core competency is content experiences. Give others the ability to build on those experiences, and there are more things you can add to a deal room for both the sales and support experience. 

My take

Over a year ago, I had a conversation with Drift about its new Deal Room:

It's a secure place where a selling team can store and manage all data related to dealing with a buyer (and buying committee) - chat logs, recorded phone conversations, emails, contracts, and recorded demos, etc.

In addition, it includes a checklist of steps that need to happen and the ability to continue to share information and communicate with the buying committee, including scheduling meetings and sharing the space with other members. Notifications can also be enabled to let people know when something new is added, changed, or uploaded.

You could also add content to Drift's deal room, but it was more of a nice to have than an essential part of the experience. 

I like the functionality in Drift's deal room. But I wanted to see more content experience capabilities because content is critical to sales. Even more so in customer support. 

I was also looking at Vidyard's new deal room, called Vidyard Rooms. It's still in beta, but based on what I've seen, it's a starter version of Drift's Deal Room. It’s a nice addition to Vidyard's platform (and the only video platform on GTM Partners' list of deal room vendors). 

What I'd like is to marry Uberflip's SalesAssist with Drift's Deal Room. I think the combination would be a winning success. And then, I'd like to see someone on the customer support side (like Gainsight) do the same thing with Uberflip for ongoing customer experience. 

Until then, I'm happy Uberflip didn't force sales to adopt another standalone tool. By allowing sales reps to stay in their tool of choice, Uberflip Sales Assist will be at the top of any product selection list.

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