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Chief Digital Officer - necessary role or fabricated idea? This article is sponsored by:

The Chief Digital Officer makes for a sexy business card title, but does the role matter?
Recent events and videos shed light on the problems the CIO is facing and why the CDO matters
The CDO may be a transitional role, but the IT/business divide is the real issue

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The confusion over workplace happiness This article is sponsored by:

Happiness is only one piece of the employment puzzle
Choices for employees may be more limited than is suggested
Cultural change is exercising the minds of businesses in transition
There are no magic bullets


The CIO is dead. Long live the CIO! This article is sponsored by:

The Chief Digital Officer is being pushed hard as the answer for businesses looking to digitalise their operations.
CIOs claim they already do that job and include it in a much wider view of managing the use of information.

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