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How American Airlines is using HR as a driver for change - a SuccessConnect 2018 use case This article is sponsored by:

Airlines have an uphill battle with customer sentiment. But there's no better place to start than the employee experience. After his keynote segment at SuccessConnect 2018, American Airlines' Mark Mitchell shared his HR transformation in progress - and what it means to customers.

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Can AI help recruiters win the talent game? A practical view from Anixter's Matt Mackin This article is sponsored by:

Diginomica has published some scorching critiques of so-called AI in HR and recruiting. But I've also published a use case with Anixter where they achieved some promising results with AI and recruiting. Can these views be reconciled?


Fixing the recruiting process mess - Part 3, getting from zero to one This article is sponsored by:

How can technology make recruiting better and the acquisition of more and better-qualified talent a reality? How do we stop the leakage from the recruiting funnel and do so in a way that doesn’t add to the workload of recruiters? Can a better process for recruiting improve candidates’ experiences and those of recruiters?

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Tech careers are earned on the job - Apple, IBM, and Google's degree requirement change was long overdue This article is sponsored by:

News that several tech giants have relaxed their college degree requirements sparked a longstanding online debate: what constitutes an exceptional tech professional? I also bring in Zoho, a company with a different approach to hiring and training.

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