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Flat hierarchies - progressive organizational thinking or digital's 'flat earth' theory? This article is sponsored by:

The notion of flat hierarchies is de rigeur at the moment, not least in the digital start-up space. But the first signs of a backlash are starting to make themselves felt as it becomes clear the approach is not quite the panacea for innovation that some initially thought.


Enterprise hits and misses - job boards face critique, and a powerful AI tool gets put on probation This article is sponsored by:

This week - job boards get called out and Amazon bails out (of NYC). Plus: An AI text generation tool so allegedly powerful, its release into the wild is delayed. Your whiffs include the early winner of the PR subject header of the year door prize.

King Checkmate

Accessibility matters, but so does culture change - lessons from diginomica's workplace diversity coverage This article is sponsored by:

My review of diginomica's workplace diversity coverage brings out issues in accessibility, design, and workplace culture change. Strides in applying tech like AI and ML to expand workplace opportunities is contrasted by persistent inequalities.

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