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den health

The Healthy Enterprise

We're all being encouraged to lead healthier life styles but what if those could be tied to our work? What if business took an active role in promoting healthier lifestyles and tied that to topics like employee management and insurance? Wouldn't that be cool?

city of Kik

Building the digital enterprise can't be a rehash

Do we have the right management models in place that will enable the digital enterprise? Possibly not. Some argue that our current structures are hindering the business of the 21st century and need dismantling and recast. Some examples suggest it is possible to instantiate change while delivering value while retaining the best of hierarchies that work.

bean counter 1

Tapping the creative soul of the CFO

Are we using finance capabilities to best advantage? I don't think so. Centuries old typecasting of the bean counter don't serve us well. How about understanding what makes finance really tick? Here's a primer.


We or Me? Designing for Millennials in the digital age

When considering the social-izing of the enterprise, have we done enough to understand what motivates Millennials? Taking research from Dr Jean Twenge as the basis, I argue that we need to better understand their world view before developing the nextgen applications.

simon g

Understanding Africa

Africa is emerging as the fastest growing continent on the planet. In this video, Simon Griffiths, global product marketing manager SYSPRO describes how it is taking a different path to the Internet when compared to Europe and the US.


SailPoint jibes identity to the cloud

Enterprise identity and access management vendor Sailpoint has rebuilt its entire product set for the cloud to help manage SaaS and mobile apps. But are large organizations ready to manage identity in the cloud?

Team meeting around a table - via Steelcase

Steelcase, furnishing the cloud

Workplace fittings and furniture maker Steelcase has not only upgraded its technology to ease access to cloud apps, it's also rearranging its workplaces to help employees be more productive with them