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Struggle for context - RSS culture vs walled gardens

Just as companies are struggling with compiling the right data for real-time decision making, individuals have the same problem - magnified by dependence on smaller and smaller devices, where filtering content for impact is a daily chore. Here's my thoughts on where that leaves us.

authenticity is the new bullshit

Authenticity is The New Bullshit

Authenticity is something many talk about but few deliver. Why? Maybe they're not concentrating on the real job - to suck less. That's the subtext of Hugh MacLeod's latest book. It will suck about 90 minutes out of your life that you won't get back. It might change your life in the process. The choice is yours.

Demolition Site

Eliminating the office, virtually

Six years ago, expense management vendor webexpenses decided to practice what it preached and shut down its London office base. Here's how it coped with the shift to virtual operations.

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Cloud email - a tale of two markets

We seem to be looking at two very different cloud email markets: the SMEs where take up is strong and enterprise, where we have yet to see any significant change. But how quickly might the enterprise adopt?

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HCM lessons and controversies - Q/A with Jarret Pazahanick

Last Friday, I had a lengthy and frank conversation with HCM consultant Jarret Pazahanick. I wanted to better understand what motivates Jarret's blog posts, and also dig into the customer lessons he has learned after 15 years as an HR consultant. And, yes, SAP versus Workday. Here's the highlights.

Searching the Sand

Google Reader vs email vs social networks - why care?

RSS advocates like myself insist that relying on social channels for enterprise content is mediocre at best. But how much enterprise news do you need, and how quickly do you need it? And is there a way to get it without wading through reams of over-marketed crud?


Remembering Ed Iacobucci, thin client pioneer

Ed Iacobucci, co-founder of Citrix Systems and pioneer of thin client computing, passed away today. This 1998 interview, republished online for the first time, reminds us of the clarity of his vision for what we now know as cloud computing.