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Enterprise hits and misses - HR leaders enforce unpopular return-to-office mandates, generative AI raises sustainabiity questions, and AI boosts earnings morale This article is sponsored by:

This week - the data doesn't look good for HR leaders, stuck with enforcing unpopular return-to-office mandates. Transformation lessons separate the winners, and AI boosts vendors' outlook (if not their earnings). Generative AI gets a sustainability critique, and your whiffs show that work futures aren't.


ERP customers and the custom code dilemma – can automation help? The numbers say yes. This article is sponsored by: ASUG logo transparent 250x150px

Relying heavily on custom code can be a common and expensive pitfall. ASUG CEO Geoff Scott drills into research from ASUG and smartShift, revealing the challenges that keep transformation projects mired in technical debt - and how SAP customers are redesigning processes with automation.

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Enterprise hits and misses - generative AI captures headlines with model drift and UI debates, but are enterprises sleeping on ESG? This article is sponsored by:

As the generative AI news cycle holds center stage, are enterprises falling behind on their ESG response? The future of work is quantifiable, but is that a good thing? Work satire hits home while employment fraud shifts. In your whiffs, I claim this round of buzzword bingo.

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Are we ready for the profound impact of generative AI on accounting and finance? Here's what lies ahead This article is sponsored by: Sage Logo

Generative AI will have a profoundly disruptive impact on accounting and finance, but that doesn't necessarily mean job loss. It does mean embracing new tools, and deeper automations. Sage CTO Aaron Harris breaks down the top use cases - and what we need to do next.

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No, Prime Minister! The UK digital exclusion crisis is getting worse - and no-one in government seems to be in charge! This article is sponsored by:

The UK Government talks a good story around building a digital economy, but the harsh reality is that more and more people are excluded due to lack of skills. A new House of Lords report doesn't pull its punches.


Pride Month - why LGBTQIA+ tech workers still need more than just a poster on the wall once a year This article is sponsored by:

Two out of five LGBTQ tech employees say they have witnessed homophobic discrimination and harassment at work, rising to 50% among some of the large employers. As Pride Month 2023 draws to a close, what can be done to tackle this?

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