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Are we ever going to get small events right? Lessons from the ups and downs of vendor analyst days This article is sponsored by:

Small scale VIP events are back - but have we learned anything? I took vendors to task for screwing up analyst days. The ways to achieve a great analyst event are getting clearer - but what do we do about hybrid? Here's what we've learned.


Microsoft's Bing ChatGPT search bot is still looking for answers - but is AI for enterprise search worth a look? This article is sponsored by:

Microsoft's Bing ChatGPT launch was a sensation. But Microsoft's changes since that launch point to a serious question: is Internet search a valid use case for generative AI in the first place? And is enterprise search off the table as well? Here's my current position.

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Autistic burnout - a checklist for employer responsibilities This article is sponsored by:

In the first of this two-part series on autistic burnout, we explored the symptoms and lived experience of an executive who has gone through it. In this second article, we look at what employers can do to support their autistic workers in order to prevent such a situation occurring, and also what autistic workers can do to help themselves.

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