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HR month in review - February 2024 This article is sponsored by:

2024 continues to deliver a bumper crop of HR, return to office and related topics. But culture, employee experience, and empathetic leadership seem to be AWOL. Let’s dive into the best ideas of the month.


"The EU AI Act is actually happening, and we are working with customers on this in a constructive way" - Chandler Morse, Workday VP Public Policy, on the challenges of AI regulation This article is sponsored by:

At last week's Innovation Hub gathering in Dublin, Workday executives emphasized the importance of trust in AI adoption and the need for effective regulation.

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Enterprise hits and misses - site outages are a culture problem, and the AI jobs debate takes a practical turn This article is sponsored by:

This week - are site outages about leadership and culture, not just tech? And the AI jobs debate is rekindled, but with some practical skills advice. Return-to-office versus remote work won't go away, and AI service chatbots get whiffy.


2024 outlook - AI at work This article is sponsored by: UiPath logo © UiPath

AI alone isn't enough to deliver real business benefits - and businesses are seeing a gap between implementation and results. UiPath's Kelly Ducourty reveals how companies are using automation to put AI to work.

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