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What can government learn from COVID digital tech? Lots, according to the Ada Lovelace Institute This article is sponsored by:

Digital tech was rolled out at great speed at the height of the pandemic, to greater or lesser effect. But there are long terms lessons to be learned from the crisis that governments around the world need to take on board.

Image of a COVID-19 contact tracing app privacy

Chips with everything! It’s deja vu all over again in the latest UK Government tech play This article is sponsored by:

Once again the UK Government has decided to throw money at technology in order to become `the next Silicon Valley’. Past attempts have not been bathed in glory and current evidence seems to suggest this attempt will be little different.

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A diplomatic approach to geopolitics in the digital age - why the EU and the US need to build bridges in the face of Putin's aggression This article is sponsored by:

It's an age of Digital Diplomacy and that means rethinking some old assumptions and tapping into some new tools in the diplomatic bag...

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