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Digital design principles need a boost This article is sponsored by:

There's been a lot of satisfaction in Whitehall over the success of the GOV.UK website winning the Digital category at the annual Designs of Year Awards, but the real success will lie in boosting the profile of design in the public sector.


Feeding the digital elephants This article is sponsored by:

We've been talking about the great 'digital divide' for many a long year, but with governments of all political persuasions now locked into Digital by Default roadmaps to a greater or lesser degree it's never been more important.


UNIT4′s central UK government deal implies a shared services shift This article is sponsored by:

Hot on the heels of winning an important deal with other government departments and pivoting its own business model, UNIT4 announced its first central government shared services deal, this time as the solution provider to the Department of Transport. It is yet another way point in the company's transition to a services first business.

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