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Is there Life On Mars for digital justice? This article is sponsored by:

Three months late and hardly adorned with bells and whistles, the UK Ministry of Justice rolled out is first Digital by Default service. What else is in the pipeline and when might we see evidence that there is Life on Mars on the MOJ?


Cat among the government IT pigeons This article is sponsored by:

Since the Coalition government  took power in the UK in 2010, there's been a new swear word in Whitehall ICT circles - oligopoly. Now the Office of Fair Trading is poking its nose in. This should be fun.



Driving Digital Europe on Kroes control This article is sponsored by:

The biggest ever open trade agreement between the US and Europe is looming. Meanwhile the European Commission wants to see the US buck up its ideas on various digital market fronts. Time for some more diplomacy in action?


Think G-Cloud: McDonagh's deliberations This article is sponsored by:

The Think G-Cloud conference in London last week was the last public outing of Denise McDonagh as G-Cloud Programme Director. She took the chance to look back at achievements to date for the UK public sector's national cloud computing strategy.


Who says UK Government tech has to suck? This article is sponsored by:

Think G-Cloud was an eye opening event that sends warnings to the big SIs and which opens the door to opportunity for the smaller suppliers prepared to be agile and flexible. Check out the video playlist.


Digital Dublin - a principled city This article is sponsored by:

Dublin's digital ambitions are now formalised in the grandiosely titled Masterplan document. But will the city's digital principles be enough to keep inward investment coming from the tech good and great?

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