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Encryption debate rolls on - European police chiefs do not accept ‘binary choice between cyber security and privacy’ This article is sponsored by:

A joint declaration between European police chiefs argues that end-to-end encryption is undermining efforts to protect citizens against illegal and harmful activity online.


Enterprise hits and misses - are privacy regulations and distrust slowing innovation, and is gen AI set to disrupt IT services? This article is sponsored by:

This week - data privacy comes into focus as the data breaches roll on (this time, it's United Healthcare). Will gen AI disrupt IT services? Or is the coding impact overrated? As always, your weekly whiffs.


What’s the privacy tax on innovation? This article is sponsored by:

With privacy concerns stirring in the US, it's fair to ask if and how much privacy controls slow innovation. A negligible impact on growth after GDPR suggests not much. Meanwhile, weak privacy controls continue to incur large societal costs.

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US Executive Order promises privacy progress This article is sponsored by:

The US Government has launched a multipronged effort to restrict bulk sensitive personal data collection through a new Executive Order, proposed legislation, and advanced notice of proposed rulemaking. Critics argue it's too little too late. It will, however, shine a fresh light on shortcomings in the substantial data broker industry.

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