I am so getting a Tesla Model 3...the filling in the S3X portfolio

Den Howlett Profile picture for user gonzodaddy February 23, 2015
With confirmation that Tesla is launching an aggressively priced upper mid-range computer on wheels called Tesla 3 - I'm in.

Tesla Model 3
We like to eat our own dog food. While we rarely talk about this explicitly, we test, play and fool around with many softwares and services in an effort to maintain our status as a digital organization living in the 21st century. We discard 99.5% of them. But when (courtesy of Sameer Patel) I heard about the soft launch of the Tesla Model 3 naming conventions then I instantly knew I'll be lining up to buy this beast.

Why you might ask am I making a noise about a car? Tesla doesn't build cars in the conventional sense. Ever since I sat in one of the Model S vehicles, I knew I was experiencing an entirely different form of transport. For me, the Tesla portfolio of cars are electric powered computers on wheels.

Unlike many of my colleagues, I've grown out of my days as a car fanatic. For me they are a conveyance of convenience I'd rather do without unless I need to make a journey that can't be completed on public transport. And don't get me going on Uber. But the Tesla is so radically different that I can make an exception. Apart from anything else, the current models can carry a month's load of shopping without jamming up all the seats. (See - priorities are different at my age to those of my more youthful colleagues ;) )

Much as I admire the technology and nod in the direction of eco friendliness, the Model X and S are way, way above my pay grade but at a sticker price of $35,000, I am willing to save long and hard for the Tesla Model 3.

The other thing that piques my interest is the naming convention. According to Evobsession:

As was widely reported, Tesla had indeed been seeking to trademark the “Model E” moniker, though Ford shot that down, claiming they wanted to use that trademark for themselves. Doubtful, but that certainly didn’t stop Musk, who says the new car will instead be called the Model 3. For those of you well versed in “1337” speak, 3 can be translated to E, meaning there will be the Model S, Model X, and Model 3…or S 3 X. Oh Elon, you speak for my oh-so-nerdy-soul.

Musk says that the Model 3 will be represented by three bars, though whether those bars are vertical (III) or horizontal (≡) he didn’t specify, S-E-X lives on…in a way.

Anyone who knows me also knows I love irony, satire and the double entendre. The Tesla Model 3...err E errr...fits that playful bill  at just the right see spot. As it should in a lineup you could write as S≡X.

Of course this is all likely fantasy. I spend much of my time in countries where Tesla lead times run years. At my age that's not such a great thing to be contemplating and especially at a time when my needs for transportation are rapidly diminishing.

Is it therefore worthwhile possessing what may be a computer on wheels but is also a massive ego boost at that price? Many of my colleagues talk about a world of 'digital experiences' as being the path that companies must follow in the 21st century. From everything I have seen, Tesla lives up to that in spades. If that's where we're going then I'm all in.

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