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The insurance industry might be flirting with AI, but it's still lagging behind in CX This article is sponsored by:

At times, the insurance industry appears to react at a glacial pace - while paying lip service to the customer experience via massive ad budgets. But is change afoot? In some segments, AI is enabling InsureTech transformation, but we're not there yet.

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From static reports to self-service BI - Texas Tech Credit Union shares Domo project breakthroughs This article is sponsored by:

The Business Intelligence landscape has changed, and it’s no longer just the domain of the analyst or IT. But the transition to self-service BI isn't a straightforward path. Brian Jackson of Texas Tech Credit Union shares how Domo helped his firm navigate the pitfalls.

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2022 - the year in Finance This article is sponsored by:

I haven't been to Las Vegas for over two weeks now and that’s caused my travel fog to finally lift. Here are my picks for the better articles and topics affecting financial accounting technology in 2022 – plus – some thoughts on what’s to come.

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