Fancy some diginomica in your Slack channel?

woman-thinkingGet your diginomica content in Slack, with Slack's RSS integration

We give you plenty of ways to consume content at diginomica:

But if you'd like diginomica in your Slack channel, you can now get that too. Slack already has a nifty RSS integration. so all you need to do is to follow their easy instructions to add RSS to a Slack channel. You can make that channel public or private. (You'll need to be a Slack channel owner to add the RSS integration, so if you're not, just ping your Slack admin).

If you have a Slack community/project on a particular topic, you can add a diginomica RSS based on your topic preferences as per below. You can also use this RSS list for your RSS reader, adding topics in any combo:

Diginomica - complete RSS feed list for use with Slack - or any newsreader

Digital enterprise - RSS feeds

Cloud apps & processes - RSS feeds

Technology disruptions - RSS feeds

Pick your faves, load up in Slack and enjoy our curated topic coverage. If you want to browse these categories on diginomica, just click on the top menu items above.


  • You must use the Slack RSS integration to receive the content in Slack. You can specify the channel you want to receive it in using the Slack RSS integration.
  • If you scroll over the desired link above, you can grab the RSS URL by pressing the "copy" button.

Bonus - you can also track or add Jon Reed's curated newsfeed of enterprise coverage, featuring the best stories Jon sees across the web each day, with select diginomica stories mixed in. (Jon's Twitter newsfeed here; RSS feed here).

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