Does the EU Cookie Law matter?

Profile picture for user gonzodaddy By Den Howlett October 23, 2013
Our informal findings suggest the EU Cookie Law doesn't matter - but what do you think?

In May 2012, the EU Cookie Law came into effect. If you've not seen it in action then the website you're visiting may not be in compliance. Broadly stated, the law (the e-Privacy Directive) says site owners have to get visitors informed consent before placing a cookie on their machine. This is all part of the EU's privacy directive. The question is, does it matter. I'm starting to think - 'no.'

Here is a current snapshot from diginomica that provides us with some detail on visitor activity as it relates to first time visitors:

cookie stats


As you can see, the most active number of 'opters in' come from the UK. I was shocked to find Germany so relatively low down the list, given it is said to be so concerned about privacy and data collection. The French, often seen as sticklers for privacy, especially when it comes to the shenanigans of its politicians, is almost bottom of the pile in percentage terms.

So this is anecdotal but if it is an indication of what users are actually doing then it begs the question: who cares?

Over to you:

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