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Equifax at Workday

Den Howlett Profile picture for user gonzodaddy September 16, 2013
Who would have thought a company like Equifax would implement something as modern as Workday HR? Yet that is exactly what they've done, operating the system at global scale. Here's the skinny on the implementation.

I am a BIG fan of customer stories as any vendor will tell you. Give me customers any day and I'll alp up what they're saying. my final, final piece on Workday rising, here's a short video recorded with Mike Bause, VP technology at Equifax on their HR implementation. We don't get into many deep details - you never can on these things - but I do like what he has to say about standardized business processes operating on a global scale.

I also like this story because Equifax is one of those companies that is IN the risk business. Therefore swapping out an old system for one that is comparatively new in the market is something of a risk. But as he says, keeping it simple wins the day.

As anyone who knows our work will tell you, we never rehearse our interviewees. We spend 10 minutes or so running through the story so that we can get to the meat as fast as possible. It gives us the opportunity to let the person know the direction we'd like to go. That means when we turn the camera on, they have a good idea what we'll be talking about and so are mentally prepared. It also means we can get them in and out very quickly in what is often a stressful situation.


Disclosure: Workday is a premier partner and funded most of my travel for its Rising conference. 

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