Enterprise hits and misses - return-to-office sparks a future of work debate, Experian's API gets exploited, and Abobe Summit gets a content wrap

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This week - return-to-office advocates express optimism about urban commutes, but there are other work models to consider. Experian's API gets exposed, while concerns over third party apps linger. Your whiffs include an episode of PR copywriting exuberance.

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Lead story - The future of the workplace - debating the role of the office

MyPOV: Return-to-office is high stakes. Companies enforcing office commutes may face a talent drain. Others will redefine the role of the office - for collaboration and social connections.

Some will screw up the return insist on "normalcy," and lose the trust of their employees. In The future workplace - what we’ve learned so far and what challenges remain, Derek compiles diginomica's best on the topic.

I'm not sure I agree, however, that Goldman Sach's insistence on a full return-to-office is such an outlier. We've heard similar refrains from Netflix. Google is also expanding offices, albeit in new locations. It's my hope these contrasting approaches on return-to-office set up a proper face-off, with talent ultimately deciding. The concern: employees' safety could be compromised, or their health data privacy - or, perhaps just as bad, anxiety about enforced returns could become an issue unto itself.

Return-to-work also surfaces in Stuart's The “Great Human Reconnection” starts with a cup of coffee and a hefty dose of AI from Starbucks. As Stuart reports, Starbucks has undergone a major storefront rationalization, opening up more pickup spots and reducing (some) physical footprint. Yet Starbucks, for all its digital savvy, needs a major return to urban centers (and commutes) to fuel is business model. Stuart, a long time Starbucks watcher, doesn't come off as optimistic as Starbucks' leadership:

The Great Human Reconnection is a nice turn of phrase and suitably aspirational, but it’s going to be very much linked to the success of vaccine roll outs. You don’t have a Vaccine Economy if you don’t have vaccinated people.


Starbucks analytics investment seems to be serving it well in determining strategic response here.

As for urban center revivals, Derek looks at London's response to distributed work in City of London launches ‘action plan’ for post-pandemic future. I see too many unknowns to make assumptions about return-to-office. I'd bet on "hybrid" for some time to come, with advocates of transnational localism redefining what's possible - beyond the obligatory commute.

One thing I do know: if we squander this chance to redefine work/commutes/employee well-being, it's a missed opportunity we'll rue for a long time.

Diginomica picks - my top stories on diginomica this week

Vendor analysis, diginomica style. Here's my three top choices from our vendor coverage:

Adobe Summit 2021 - diginomica analysis, context, and customer use cases

Can you crash a virtual event? The diginomica team did our darndest. We issued more content than I can feature here - see diginomica's Adobe Summit content archive to date. As you know, I compulsively push back against digital hyperbole, but when Pfizer's CEO told the Adobe Summit audience, "Without digital, we wouldn't even be here today," it set the tone.

Here's a few picks to get you started:

A few more vendor picks, without the quotables:

Jon's grab bag - Neil takes a discerning/skepitcal look at the FTC's regulatory ambitions in The FTC takes steps to regulate AI abuses - but will it be effective? Finally, if you've missed Stuarts Monday Morning Moan series lately, you should rectify that, starting with this keeper: Monday Morning Moan - Branded! You don’t become digitally-enabled through ritual disemvowelment. "Tch frms glty"!

Best of the enterprise web

Waiter suggesting a bottle of wine to a customer

My top seven

Overworked businessman


On the topic of remote work, this is how it's done:

Sometimes PR copy writers get a tad carried away:

Got some clever reader responses to that one:


Let's close on a higher note for Western Civilization this week:

See you next time.

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