Enterprise hits and misses - NVIDIA surges on generative AI, ChatGPT needs enterprise guardrails, and the search for the composable enterprise goes on

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This week - NVIDIA surges on the back of generative AI, but the ROI of AI is an enterprise work in progress. ChatGPT may not be enterprise-ready, but the industry use cases for AI are emerging. The composable enterprise is maturing - starting with better APIs. As always, your whiffs.


Lead story - how do we get to the composable enterprise?

I won't lie: the 'composable enterprise' is one of the catchphrases most likely to stick in my craw. Still, I can see why 'monolothic applications' are not a desired end state. In a series of think pieces from his time at MACH TWO and the AWS Summit, Phil brought these issues to a head. 

Start with this: not all APIs are created equal. Phil provides an insightful framework in APIs alone are not enough for a truly composable architecture - you need the right kind of API. He covers crucial changes, such as why REST has fallen out of favor, with GraphQL now the standard of choice. Phil also hits on an AWS Summit session on refactoring to serverless, and he explores just how granular microservices should be.

As Phil notes:

The characteristics of a truly composable architecture are starting to emerge, but more clarity is needed from vendors in the space and organizations such as the MACH Alliance to help early adopters figure out whether they're on the right path.

For those who think this talk of 'headless' and 'composable' is a digital commerce subtopic, Phil warns otherwise:

As I'll explore in the next and final article in this series, it's only a matter of time before the architecture moves out of its current stronghold in the field of digital commerce and experience into other enterprise application categories, including ERP.

Composable ERP? Farfetched, or inevitable? It's also worth checking Phil's prior piece, Orchestration vs choreography - which is better in composable and API-first architecture? Earlier this summer, I issued a podcast with Phil on the debates behind "MACHwashing" - On MACHwashing and the microservices enterprise.

Perhaps the best thing from this article series? The realization that we don't have to be religious about composability to recognize its value. Stepping away from enterprise utopia, we have common sense recommendations instead. As Phil concludes:

But for many organizations, they already have a patchwork quilt of existing applications, and they have to make choices as to which to modernize first. A composable architecture therefore has to be able to co-exist and interoperate with more monolithic applications and services.

Diginomica picks -

Vendor analysis, diginomica style. Here's my three top choices from our vendor coverage:

A few more vendor picks, without the quotables:

Jon's grab bag - Neil delved into the impact of algorithmic models on insurance and finance in How does AI and model bias impact DEI in financial services and insurance? Answering the top questions. Stephanie filed a fresh Okta-related use case, A Texas credit union taps BeyondID’s Okta skills to meet the Apple Card standard in CX. Madeline looked at how old laptops get new life in Turning old laptops into gold - how Panasonic’s Revive program cuts out e-waste. Finally, Chris examined potential robotics breakthroughs in Apollo lands today. A viable humanoid robot that ticks, and carries, the right boxes:

It has taken 100 years to reach this point, but the collision of several technologies may finally make those visions a reality. But which visions exactly? If science fiction teaches anything, it is ‘choose your future wisely’. And if business teaches anything, it is that a good product alone is never enough; it also needs to do something useful, affordably. As another robotics CEO once told me, 'Nobody makes money from selling robots. You make money by selling useful services.'

Best of the enterprise web

Waiter suggesting a bottle of wine to a customer

My top seven

Overworked businessman


Have I mentioned that re-skilling is on my "bad buzzwords" list? What does it actually mean?

Not havin' fun at work? ChatGPT can help - kind of:

Just a heads up: implanting unregulated AI chips in your brain could threaten your mental privacy. Oh, and remember the AP's advice on vetting AI content? I'm not sure Microsoft got that memo: Microsoft says listing the Ottawa Food Bank as a tourist destination wasn’t the result of ‘unsupervised AI’. Silver lining: hopefully donating to the Ottawa food bank got a nice bump here. See you next time...

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