Enterprise hits and misses - HR teams grapple with hybrid work, and Amazon grapples with everyone

Profile picture for user jreed By Jon Reed March 29, 2021
This week - the return-to-workers face off against hybrid work advocates. Amazon faces the PR heat and takes on all comers. Independent analysts find their advocate, and cloud ERP benefits get deconstructed. Your whiffs include 27 buzzwords that sink bios.


Lead story - The future of work - use cases and HR strategy dilemmas

MyPOV: Cath brought the future of work into focus with her use case, Smart Working shapes lastminute.com's organizational thinking for the Vaccine Economy. So what is "Smart Work," you ask? Well for lastminute.com, it's more than just a hybrid home/office model.

As Cath writes, Smart Work is "flexibility in its broadest sense." That means an employee could shift to a new location, and combine a workcation with an additional vacation week: "A move underpinned by mobile technology and communication and collaboration systems, such as Workplace from Facebook."

But it's not all hybrid and flex and feel-good buzzwords. In HR’s post-pandemic strategic plan, Brian reviews this year's HR Tech show. He warns that HR managers may not be up to the task. And HR luminaries are falling into the I'm pretty fancy I throw jargon at the problem trap:

Whenever I hear an HR speaker tell an audience that:

We need to do a better job of listening.
We must be more inclusive.
We have to respect others.
We should be more nimble.
We must embrace change.
I want to come out of my chair and yell 'How?????'.  What are the concrete, surefire steps that will actually change a company’s culture? How exactly will you purge dysfunctional leaders? What is actually required to ‘modernize our workforce’?

That’s the HR strategy challenge today. How will CHROs and others go from unspecific platitudes to real change? And, there are a lot big changes needed today.

Yep, that's Brian, angling for my tell-us-how-you-really-feel award again. It's a hard point to argue. Platitudes without specifics might get you a keynote gig, but it won't solve HR. "Ask yourself, how would Machiavelli approach your situation?" You don't read that everyday...

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Best of the enterprise web

Waiter suggesting a bottle of wine to a customer

My top seven picks

Overworked businessman


Not sure if we're getting back to normal just yet, but hey, the Grape-Nuts shortage is officially over. Oh, and French Monks in lockdown just gave away 2.8 tonnes of cheese.

The war against the "email circle back" continues:

Meanwhile, Frank Scavo issued a dire warning:

Zachary Jeans asked me about the dreaded Ninja Guru combo:

I did a quick check of my bios, I'm 0-for-27, though there is one word I've used to describe myself in that article, but I'm not telling... However, to atone for that, I *will* call a Gmail whiff on myself:

Top priority indeed - sigh. I'll try to be on my game next week...

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