Enterprise hits and misses - Apple employees push back on return-to-office, marketers get woke, and the global AI race heats up

Profile picture for user jreed By Jon Reed June 7, 2021
This week - are marketers ready to break stuff? A wake-up call arrives. The return-to-office ratchets up as Apple employees push back. The global AI race gets nuttier, while lessons from the Colonial Pipeline attack linger. Your whiffs include some blockchain fun - at my expense.


Lead story - Are you ready to break your marketing and do something better?

MyPOV: After another batch of mediocre virtual events, yeah, let's break sh!t. I'm ready for marketers to accept that brandcasting is a failed virtual premise break a few things also. Barb's piece looks at the lessons from a recent event, Breaksh!t, where nine marketing experts shared one thing that marketers should stop doing. For example? Barb writes:

Andrew Davis listed a lot of bad habits marketers need to break, including unsolicited LinkedIn pitches, cold email outreach, pop-up email subscriptions, the word "engagement," and personalization in the form of "Hey <first_name>!" I can't argue with any of these.

Yeah, using my LinkedIn inbox as a dumping ground for hopes and prayers disguised as hypothetical services isn't so swell. Then there is the ever-present danger of "woke washed marketing." Barb again:

Katie Martell wants marketers to break 'woke washed marketing' and become a true ally. On her website, she explains woke wash marketing as the: 'Collision of marketing, advertising and PR with social movements such as feminism, LGTBQ+ equality, racial justice, gun rights, environmental protection and more - and the danger of brand pandering.' Think rainbows everywhere in June, or greenwashing to show the brand is environmentally friendly, or all the black backgrounds supporting Black Lives Matter(BLM).

Martell is working on a documentary on the topic. It's about how marketers have a pandering problem, aligning to social movements with no real understanding of what they are doing or genuinely standing up for.

Ouch. Does that mean marketers can never align with causes, or that social awareness is a foolish corporate undertaking? Of course not. But it sounds like Martell has a better approach. Look for our interview follow up on this. Barb also filed this meaty morsel: Welcome to the Revenue Marketing era - altered priorities ahead! Evidently, we are now in the third marketing era. What is that, you ask? Barb:

In the Revenue era, which we are technically in - Cancel argues that it started roughly in 2020 - everyone is a buyer. It is digital-first, offline-optional, and marketers are now dealing with digital natives. And it’s not only about marketing to prospects; it’s about marketing to everyone, including customers, the media and employees.

Yes, well, that's been the case in B2B for a long time. Yet most B2B buying models start with prospect awareness, even now. No, you can't trick me into blowing that fuse today; I've already posted a different B2B buying model, and will do so again.

Diginomica picks - my top stories on diginomica this week

Vendor analysis, diginomica style. Here's my three top choices from our vendor coverage:

Kinaxis "Big Ideas in Supply Chain" virtual summit - use cases and analysis. The diginomica team dug into the problems global supply chains are facing, via our Big Ideas in Supply Chain coverage (with more to follow):

A few more vendor picks, without the quotage:

Jon's grab bag - Kurt examines NVIDIA's AI shifts in NVIDIA pivots to AI for enterprises. Whether AI will be bigger than the Internet isn't something I would squander a barstool conversation on (especially these days, when barstool convos are hard to come by). But NVIDIA has to feel good about what Kurt rightly calls "the insatiable need for AI hardware."

Finally, Gary wraps it up with a soothing type of use case, How Calm is using machine learning to keep us all mellow - though come to think of it, I may be beyond the reach of a meditation app...

Best of the enterprise web

Waiter suggesting a bottle of wine to a customer

My top eight

Overworked businessman


So I lost out on an auction:

On the plus side, several folks offered me their NFTs:

Lots of competition for the "stay classy" award this week, but I'll go with TikTok:

Brian Sommer had some fun (at my expense) on my video show:

Finally, the unexpected. United's supersonic jet announcement called my bluff:

Yeah, those flights won't come cheap. Can I bring my guitar? See you next time...

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