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Dreamforce 2023 - how Quintessentially is boosting membership engagement with the help of Salesforce

Mark Samuels Profile picture for user Mark Samuels September 12, 2023
By getting a tight grip on its data, the global lifestyle management specialist provides truly bespoke experiences to its members.


As a lifestyle management company, Quintessenially delivers personalized luxury experiences through account specialists, known as lifestyle managers. These experts provide thousands of members with bespoke services, which might include booking trips, organising events, providing educational advice or sourcing luxury items.

Providing such bespoke lifestyle management services requires the careful management of huge volumes of customer data, whether it’s memorable dates and travel requirements or favourite hotels in particular cities.

Quintessentially wants its members to engage as much as possible. Salesforce technology is crucial to this goal, says Cathrine Levandowski, Global Head of Operations at Quintessentially:

We wouldn't be able to function without it. We've got over 35 offices globally. We're servicing our members 24/7, 365. Salesforce essentially allows our lifestyle managers to do what they do. It allows us to break down silos. That's a really big thing that we're trying to do in the business at the moment. It allows us to have one single view of all of our data and all of our offerings. And that's really key to where we're trying to go.

Quintessentially also has strong relationships with dozens of corporate partners that offer its concierge services to VIP clients. Levandowski cites the example of a luxury car company that was trying to understand the interests of its customers in more detail. Staff at Quintessentially were able to delve into the Salesforce data and pull out some key trends:

We showed that many members in the US were interested in golf and The Masters in particular, so we said to the client, ‘perhaps you should do your next unveiling at the event, or perhaps you should sponsor that event?’ Salesforce enables us to do that.

Taking bold steps

Quintessentially  has been a Salesforce user since 2008. However, the firm has recently taken its commitment to the platform up a notch, extending its Salesforce platform beyond lifestyle management and across a range of specialist divisions, from its education consultancy to its wedding and events business. Levandowski explains:

It’s already our source of truth for our lifestyle business. But what we want to do is make it the source of truth for the entire business. We want consistent data across the business. Bringing all those pieces of the puzzle together into one place is key to us.

Quintessentially implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud in March 2022. As a dispersed business with several different units, the company was keen to get a tight grip on its customer data. The company was keen to clean up its subscriber data and to deliver the right messages at the right time. One of the unique Salesforce products the company draws on to help with this task is Distributed Marketing, says Levandowski:

Part of the service that we offer our members is proactivity. The lifestyle manager they work with is meant to get to know our members so well that they only serve content that's catered to them personally. Distributed Marketing allows each lifestyle manager to have control over what content gets served to each member.

The benefits of these efforts are clear: the open rate for proactive distributed marketing has increased from 50% to 70% in a matter of months.

The company is currently implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud, which will allow Quintessentially to develop a membership portal and an app. The business is working with Salesforce partner OSF Digital with the aim of rolling out the portal and app at the start of next year. Levandowski says it’s a big shift in emphasis:

What's differentiated us from our competitors is that, as a member, you have one single point of contact, and that is somebody you've actually met in person. We are human and that is our USP. So, when it comes to being more digital, it's always a balance. We want to enhance the membership, not replace the human contact.

After looking at bespoke solutions, Levandowski’s team found Salesforce Experience Cloud could be tailored to provide the personalised approach they were searching for:

We found the right solution. It provides better access for the member to their lifestyle manager and also allows the lifestyle manager to have great visibility over their members’ evolving interests.

Staying alert to new opportunities

Levandowski is keen to see the work that Salesforce is undertaking in AI and to think about how these services can be used to optimize membership services. That’s one of the things she’ll be prioritizing at Dreamforce this week as a first-time attendee:

I'm excited to explore the different kinds of upcoming innovations and products with Salesforce. I’m keen to learn more about things that our business is interested in, such as WhatsApp and AI. I think that will definitely be my focus.

Dreamforce is being pitched as the industry's largest generative AI show this year and that’s a pivot that Levandowski is definitely keen to explore at the right time:

We haven't figured out what it means for our business just yet. I'm definitely looking for inspiration and to see how other businesses are using it or thinking about using it. So, I'll definitely be on that networking track.

Levandowski says Quintessentially has a record of taking existing products and finding a new niche in the business – and that’s something she’ll hope to be doing at Dreamforce:

What I always have to do for our business when I go to these sorts of events is to learn what the use cases look like and try to apply them in my own business.

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