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2022 - the year of Total Experience use cases This article is sponsored by:

As ever, diginomica spent its time this year diving into customer stories. But in 2022 there was a common theme across many of them - total experience. Take a look at some of the most interesting digital enterprise examples from across the year.


2022 - the year in Cloud ERP This article is sponsored by:

2022 was a mixed bag for ERP vendors. Massive projects? No thanks. But some ERP-based applications, notably payroll and planning/forecasting, continued to make a difference for customers. Process automation and "intelligent analytics" add upgrade incentives, but is that enough? Or is the world changing faster than ERP can keep up?


Customer-facing, self-service finance? Liberty Security shares their Zoho Finance Platform experience This article is sponsored by:

Today's finance leaders have a daunting purview: serve the business with insights, not just reports. And: do more with less. But what about serving customers better as well? All of that is within the scope of Liberty Security's Zoho Finance Platform projects.

Anand Pandarinath, VP Finance, Liberty Security

CCE 2022 highlight - is your organization digitally fit? Ingram Micro reveals its keys to large scale transformation This article is sponsored by:

Operationalize your transformation with DigiOps - but don't automate stale processes. Always check your digital fitness, not just your bottom line. That's just a sampling of the lessons Ingram Micro learned along the way. In its case, the platform changed everything.

Sanjib Sahoo of Ingram Micro at Constellation Connected Enterprise
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