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Workday AI/ML Innovation Summit - how Accenture shifted to a skills-based organization with Skills Cloud This article is sponsored by:

The hardest thing to find in the enterprise? Organizational change at scale. But at the Workday AI/ML Innovation Summit, we heard that story from Accenture. Here's why the Skills Cloud is my pick for the underrated story of the event.

Accenture's Colin Anderson speaks with Workday's Sheri Rhodes

Can cloud ERP healthcare projects demonstrate customer value? Inside two standout Acumatica Summit 2023 use cases This article is sponsored by:

Healthcare is an industry under tremendous cost pressure, but it also has a high upside for improved services - if the digital opportunity can be seized. At this year's Acumatica Summit, I talked to two award-winning customers determined to do just that.

Avante Health, Acumatica Customer at Acumatica Summit 2023

Are supplier-driven transformations a realistic goal? Putting SAP Business Network's talking points to the use case test This article is sponsored by:

Supplier-driven transformations sound like a worthwhile concept - but is this a viable framework, when so many customers are still operating in spreadsheet-laden data silos? Two SAP Business Network customers, Mabe and KUKA AG, share instructive use cases.

David Gutierrez of Mabe, SAP Spend Connect

How Key Code Media turned economic headwinds into business growth - an Acumatica cloud ERP story This article is sponsored by:

A good cloud ERP use case should go beyond escaping legacy system headaches. These days, we need more - and we need to hear from customers that have achieved more. Bring on the story of Key Code Media, and how a fresh approach to ERP changed their business.

Key Code Media installation - Acumatica customer
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