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Next ‘24 - Discover Financial Services sees Google Cloud’s generative AI tooling as path to superior customer experience This article is sponsored by:

Discover is working with Google Cloud to build generative AI applications for its 10,000 contact center agents, helping them get access to the information they need more quickly.

generative AI

Why Amex GBT embraces AI with executive oversight This article is sponsored by:

Amex GBT has launched an ambitious program for adopting AI across engineering, customer care, finance, and the workplace. However, it is cautiously embracing these new technologies with awareness of look-out areas requiring executive oversight and humans in the loop.


Cloud ERP benefits are about data and automation now. Here's what Acumatica customers have learned - and how AI fits in This article is sponsored by:

Too often, cloud ERP customers fall short of the true benefits they can achieve. At Acumatica Summit 2024, I had the chance to delve into the results of dashboarding and workflow automation. Acumatica has now issued its Principles of Innovation, so how does AI fit in?

Sean Barnett of Spohn Associates at Acumatica Summit 2024
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