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diginomica - the app! Track diginomica content via iOS and Android apps

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The diginomica app is downloadable from both Google Play and Apple’s App Store, available for all mobile devices on those platforms.

You can expect the same content speed and ease of consumption that we offer on our web site, free from ads and pop-up videos, and fully privacy compliant.

  • navigate breaking enterprise news
  • consume all diginomica content on-the-go
  • save stories to your own library built into the app

diginomica is also available as a topic to follow inside of Google News - just search "diginomica" within Google News (or the Google News app) and click "follow." You can also add diginomica's daily enterprise briefing to Amazon Alexa devices - just add it to your Alexa Flash Briefing as a Flash Briefing skill.

Note: for more tips on how to use diginomica as part of an Alexa Flash Briefing, check out Jon Reed's The enterprise professional's guide to Alexa Flash Briefings. Amazon's Flash Briefing help tips can get you started - select diginomica as one of your preferred news providers from Alexa.

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These apps are a collaboration with our Drupal development partner Brainsum. Brainsum has been instrumental in our user experience ambitions for diginomica readers, including other core features such as audio mode and dyslexia mode.




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