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digibyte - welcome to Nutanix

Den Howlett Profile picture for user gonzodaddy November 18, 2015
Welcome to Nutanix, the latest member of the diginomica family

Join us in welcoming Nutanix as the latest member of the diginomica family.

We've known the company for well over a year, covered several of their events and enjoyed hearing from customers who see Nutanix as a next generation infrastructure provider. While the term 'infrastructure' may seem odd for a largely non-technical audience, it is becoming increasingly clear that business leaders in end user organizations must have an understanding of what it means to make 21st century technology choices.

Of course to most business leaders, infrastructure ought to be invisible and to that extent, Nutanix has embarked on a journey designed to achieve just that. It's appeal lies in the fact that Nutanix helps customers dramatically reduce infrastructure budgets and so release scarce resources to what really matters - the building of next generation applications that fuel growth and profit.

As part of that commitment, Nutanix recently announced the availability of its Community Edition on the Amazon Web Services or Google public clouds at the minuscule cost of $1 per hour. Customers don't need an AWS or Google Cloud account to get going. They can choose to handle the transaction via Nutanix partner Ravello. And of course, let's not forget Nutanix snagging Lenovo as a partner.

All of which, and much more besides means Nutanix is on a hyper growth path of its own. We like companies of this kind because they're paving the way for the digital economy.

Rock on!

Featured image: © kevron2001 - Fotolia

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