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Den Howlett Profile picture for user gonzodaddy June 28, 2015
Newsletter feedback provides valuable feedback for content creators. Here's what we have learned.

Last week, we shared the results of a recent survey we ran with those who are among our most engaged newsletter readership.

We deliberately selected the most engaged readers as dictated to us by data we analyze programmatically and curate manually. If you think that's inefficient then here's the logic: machines can do a great deal but they can't do it all. Spending just a bit of time on ensuring the list makes sense is worth the effort in quality control.

One of the reasons for being highly selective is that engaged readers are valuable readers. They are most likely to give the most honest feedback. They're what I call 'super fans.' But we know they don't tell the whole story.

So - if you're seeing this for the first time and fancy completing our 2 min 20 sec (we measured that as well) survey, then try this link or scroll down and you should find it conveniently embedded on this page via the big ass button. It may not seem relevant to you at all but will give you an idea of what we are trying to discover.

What about the results?

49% opened the mailer and of those that clicked through, 91% completed the survey.

This is what we communicated to that segment of readers:

  1. 84% of you always or almost always read the newsletter and 86% think the current weekly cadence is just fine.
  2. 58% go for a 'scroll and pick' approach to link clicking with 33% clicking what they fancy and 49% clicking just a few links. This makes sense given the way the questions were framed.
  3. Segmenting was almost equally split with 53% saying no and 47% saying yes. This gives us a bit of a dilemma but we're thinking about it. That was reflected in there being no clear preference for verticals.
  4. 57% like the idea of video/audio inclusion - that was much higher than we anticipated with only 27% saying they don't care.
  5. We were delighted to learn that 93% think article length is just about right. Long form rocks!
  6. We're pleased with an average 78% content quality approval rating. We can always do better. And we will.

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