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digibyte - the new gold SAP logo

Den Howlett Profile picture for user gonzodaddy October 21, 2014
The new gold SAP logo caused quite a stir among colleagues - what do you think?

New logos are springing up everywhere. has a new one - check out the sidebar. SAP has a new one - see the sidebar again. They're both rendered in the new 'flat' form of color that has become increasingly popular over the last year.

When I Tweeted about the fact I like the new gold SAP logo, I could not have anticipated the back and forth that ensued with colleagues. The basic question - will customers care? I think they will. Here's why:

  • Gold is an unusual color that's not often used in logo design. That makes it distinctive.
  • I see it as a robust and muscular choice, reflecting the company's strength.
  • On this outing, SAP has subtly increased the angle of the crossbar that makes up the letter A in SAP. It has the effect of making 'SAP' more 'smiley SAP' - a friendlier metaphor?
  • Gold has connotations of warmth and a contrast to the cool blues that so many others use both in logos and UI designs.

As one analysis goes:

[gold is the] color of extravagance, wealth, riches, and excess.

I'm not sure SAP would wish to have that out front and centre but then we often hear the expression: 'SAP drinking its own champagne,' which of course is a premium beverage.

What do you think? Has SAP jumped the proverbial shark or do you think this is a good choice? Does the color choice reflect the attributes customers are more likely to associate with SAP or is ti an unnecessary gimmick?

Endnote: it is unusual for me to get excited or even vaguely interested in such things but when I saw the logo for the first time I thought: 'Blimey - that's different.' It was a surprise and one that made me think. If it does that then I'm sure that marketers will consider it as 'job done.'

Disclosure: SAP is a premier partner at time of writing

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