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digibyte – Jive improves cloud integration with Microsoft and Google

Derek du Preez Profile picture for user ddpreez October 22, 2014
JiveWorld14 kicked off with some cloud product announcements and new capabilities for employees to better understand their 'WorkType'

Jive kicked off its annual user conference in Las Vegas this week with a host of cloud product announcements and the introduction of a new methodology

that aims to help employees identify their unique 'WorkType', with the aim of helping companies better understand how people can best work together.

The most notable cloud announcements to come out of the keynote this morning included new capabilities that allow Jive to integrate and connect with some of Microsoft's and Google's most popular cloud products.

Jive has now extended its integration with Google to include Google Docs, building on its existing ability to connect to Gmail and Google Drive. Users of Jive will now be able to use Google Docs directly within the Jive platform and multiple editors can work simultaneously on the same document and sync comments. A Google Doc can now also be created within Jive, taking out the need to navigate to external systems.

CEO Tony Zingale and new head of marketing Elisa Steele also outlined Jive's first integration with Microsoft Office 365, rolling out connectors for Outlook Online. Email content from Outlook can now be integrated directly into discussions in Jive and the new connector allows Jive content conversations to be pulled into Outlook email threads.

Elsewhere, Zingale and Steele outlined improvements to Jive's external community platform, which aims to give companies better 'insights' into their external Jive activity. For example, the latest JiveX cloud release will showcase top and relevant activities, allowing visitors to scan for the most important posts, and will also introduce ratings to help guide members to the best content.

One of the more interesting announcements today, was the introduction of 'WorkType Finder, a new methodology that aims to help employees figure out what their working style is, so that people can better understand each other and work together more effectively.

Jive claims that by understanding a person's WorkType, employees can recognise their unique work styles and use this information to work better themselves as well as with their colleagues, partners and customers. Managers can also use the information to create more effective teams, it claims.

The eight different WorkTypes are as follows:

  • Explorers provide new ideas and fresh perspectives.
  • Experts help solve the toughest problems.
  • Planners create the processes to streamline what needs to get done.
  • Optimizers drive organization to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Energizers achieve the impossible.
  • Producers bring vision into reality and deliver results.
  • Connectors thrive on meeting new people and bridging gaps.
  • Coaches bring out the best in people.

If you're interested in taking the quiz yourself and finding out your Work Type, use the link here.

My Take

Jive's cloud updates appear to me to be more about introducing some necessities, rather than announcing anything particularly groundbreaking. Having said that, the product keynote is tomorrow morning and I've got a chat with Elisa Stone to find out more, so am reserving full judgement until then.

I'm particularly keen to find out more about the insights, or analytics piece, given that other vendors in this area are making some strong moves in this space (see our piece on the subject here). It will be interesting to see if Jive has any plans to differentiate itself and whether or not this is going to be a strong focus for it.

The WorkType's announcement is fun – the quiz is quick to do and adds a nice feature to Jive communities, where users will have a badge that identifies what their core working styles are. There's a lot to be said for understanding how other people like to work and figuring out how you can best work together, based on your main strengths.

For those interested, I'm an Explorer first and foremost, but also have elements of a Connector. What I think this means is that I have big ideas, I like to talk to people about them, but unfortunately I don't usually have the drive to action them into process (that would be a Producer...need to get me one of those).

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