digibyte - coding for kids? Not Down Under!

Profile picture for user slauchlan By Stuart Lauchlan May 27, 2015
You got a kid that fancies learning to code? Don't bother down under.

Coding for kids - not here

There’s not much to fear from the Australian digital economy if Prime Minister Tony Abbot gets his way.

The guy who’s all for ‘stopping the boats’ by any means necessary to fend off asylum seekers has now offered up his unique insight into teaching kids how to code.

Bill Shorten, the leader of the Labor Party and Australia's opposition, asked Abbot if he would commit the government to supporting the push to have coding taught in every primary school in Australia.

Abbott’s response:

Let's just understand exactly what the leader of the opposition has asked. Do you want to send them all out to work at the age of 11?

Is that what he wants to do? I mean seriously? Seriously?

Yup, seriously.

At a time when other governments around the world, such as the UK, are making coding in the classroom part of the curriculum, Australia’s Prime Minister seems to think it’s akin to sending urchins up chimneys!

A sad contrast to the activities of Coder Dojo we highlighted earlier in the week. And a worrying sign for any business with digital ambitions for Australia.

My take

You can't legislate for dumb.