digibyte - Box parks its tanks on Huddle's UK government lawn

Profile picture for user slauchlan By Stuart Lauchlan June 2, 2015
Box's new arrangement with the Government Digital Service is an interesting development.

Slipped out with relatively little fanfare yesterday was the announcement from the Government Digital Service (GDS), the digital arm of the UK government, that it has selected Box for content sharing and collaboration across government departments.

This move has been signed off by Mark Fisher, the Cabinet Office’s Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO), who has approved Box for sharing information at official level both internally and externally.

GDS says it has chosen Box to:

  • Enhance flexibility for file sharing, especially around ‘official data’;
  • Improve collaboration capabilities of its mobile workforce.
  • Provide its staff with an intuitive platform which is both secure and easy to use.

Box is already available for British government departments through G-Cloud Digital Marketplace of course, but this is an interesting announcement for two reasons.
Firstly it comes hot on the heels of last week’s announcement by the US Department of Justice that it will be rolling out Box to enable enterprise file sharing.

Secondly, this is also Box parking its tanks on Huddle’s lawn. The UK public sector has been the happy hunting ground for Huddle for many years, with the firm claiming a foothold in almost every area of central government.

With Salesforce’s new UK data center opening up more public sector opportunities for it, it’s looking like there’s an increasingly competitive landscape emerging here.

My take

UK provider Huddle's in the US making eyes at the US government market, so it's only fair that US provider Box returns the compliment in the UK.