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Under the hood of Staples' build-over-buy CX transformation - a Couchbase microservices story This article is sponsored by:

We hear an awful lot about "transforming customer experience" these days, but it's rare to get a look under the architectural hood. In this diginomica exclusive, I share what I learned from Staples' CX push - and how Couchbase and microservices tie in.

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Open source is free - yeah, right!  This article is sponsored by:

Open source code is free isn’t it. Hmmm, factor in the potential impact of open source licences on the ownership and potential revenues of applications constructed from them and it's not that simple.


MariaDB CEO on the open source enterprise - we can bridge the gap between bare metal and microservices This article is sponsored by:

The MariaDB OpenWorks show brought a flurry of news and open source drama. During my talk with MariaDB CEO Michael Howard, I asked him about an underreported storyline: MariaDB's commitment to Kubernetes and microservices.


OpenWorks 2019 - why Auto Europe moved their CMS database to open source, and what they've learned This article is sponsored by:

MariaDB OpenWorks 2019 opened with "open source enterprise" fanfare. But what do customers think? Auto Europe gave me a view into their open source pursuit - and results. Up next? a careful approach to microservices.


Enterprise hits and misses - IoT security gets blockchained, and open source gets blogchained This article is sponsored by:

This week, the problem of IoT security gets open sourced as we track blog chains and blockchains for insights. Retail's big show gets a diginomica dissection, and whiffs are off to a good start with indestructable snowmen and ill-fated trials by combat.

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