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New Relic's Lew Cirne - observability platforms aren't optional if software matters to you (as the Iowa Democratic Caucus just found out...) This article is sponsored by:

If your organization takes its software seriously, then you need the kind of tech that New Relic has to offer, argues CEO Cirne on a bumpy day for the firm on Wall Street.

New Relic CEO Lew Cirne at Futurestack19

NRF 2020 - Target's CIO on the tech secrets behind Target's transformation - build features customers love, and abstract your infrastructure This article is sponsored by:

The big theme of NRF 2020? Blurring the lines between digital and store. But to make that happen for customers, you better get the data - and the design - right. Target CIO Mike McNamara shares the tech approach behind Target's growth.


Salesforce's Rob Acker - open source NonProfit Success Pack for third sector organizations is "alive and well and staying" This article is sponsored by:

As the CRM giant looks to grow its non-profit business, the head of its philanthropic arm restates its commitment to the open source NonProfit Success Pack.

Salesforce Philanthropy
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