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Transform your business with the XaaS effect

This practical guide to the XaaS Effect - delivering Everything-as-a-Service - gives business leaders a head start in harnessing a technology-enabled revolution in customer engagement and business operations.

  • We dig behind the hype of digital transformation to show the true impact of connected digital technology.
  • Learn how businesses are adding a continuous cycle of engagement, monitoring and improvement to all kinds of product or service.
  • Full of real-world examples drawn from our extensive coverage of digital adoption in the enterprise.
  • Gives CXOs and those who work with them a practical framework for harnessing today's fast-moving technology and business trends.
  • XaaS has the potential to either transform your business or enable a competitor to come out of nowhere to capture your market.

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What you'll learn from 'Transform your business with the XaaS effect'

In the modern world, every type of product and service is first of all being transformed by software — and then supercharged by connections. The end result is the XaaS effect .
Building that continuous cycle of engagement, monitoring and improvement requires a thorough overhaul of an organization’s business model, operations and culture.

What’s inside?

Table of contents
  1. Introduction 3
  2. The origins and essence of XaaS 4
  3. Converging products and services into XaaS 7
  4. How manufacturers blend products and services on the path to XaaS 10
  5. Building subscription relationships that work in a XaaS world 13
  6. A practical XaaS survival guide for CXOs 17
  7. Outlining a technology roadmap to XaaS 21
  8. Final words 23

Chapter 1:

Modern digital technology is driving a fundamental change in the way businesses interact with their customers. It’s become so easy to stay connected that businesses can quickly build and develop continuous relationships with their customers. Brands are no longer selling a product or service. Technology is leading them on a journey to provide a more engaging experience – a relationship focused on continuously improving customer outcomes.

We call this XaaS (pronounced X-ass) because this digitally connected model of customer engagement, monitoring and continuous improvement was pioneered within the software industry, as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Today, the ‘X’ stands for Everything. Connected digital technology has become a primary channel for customer relationships and an integral component of business-to-consumer or business-to-business product offerings alike, from razors to elevators, and from home heating to earth moving. XaaS is Everything-as-a-Service.

About the author: Phil Wainewright

Phil Wainewright

Phil Wainewright has been a recognized authority on cloud computing and its impact on business since 1998. As a writer, analyst, speaker and consultant, he advises enterprise leaders on the transformation of 21st century business through digital technology to create frictionless enterprise. He is best known for his online writing as a co-founder of influential tech media site diginomica, and as an independent analyst at strategic consulting group Procullux Ventures.

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