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Swiss Railways - flying by iPad via TIBCO

Optimizing an already dense and complex rail network to squeeze more capacity requires precision. Add in huge amounts of data being generated and you need a highly scalable solution to make it run. Enter TIBCO.

tucon image

TIBCO TUCON 2013 - preview

TIBCO TUCON 2013 gets underway next week. It promises to be an exciting week as the company unveils progress with analytics, cloud and - of course - integration as evidenced by high profile customers.

GE building

GE's mind melding to machines

GE is presenting a coherent and well thought out vision of the future involving machine data with the intuition that experience brings in its core vertical markets. It is a huge opportunity.

SAP's big data bus

Weekend rant: big data is a bad joke, gimme context

As an antidote to the blether around Big Data, I muse on the importance of nuanced context. Without it, all the Big Data algorithms in the world will never solve our deep seated business problems. Nor will it relieve us of the tyranny of old benchmarks.