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Weekend rant: big data is a bad joke, gimme context This article is sponsored by:

As an antidote to the blether around Big Data, I muse on the importance of nuanced context. Without it, all the Big Data algorithms in the world will never solve our deep seated business problems. Nor will it relieve us of the tyranny of old benchmarks.

SAP's big data bus

Googleised business intelligence This article is sponsored by:

Business intelligence is anything but intelligent a lot of the time. This story examines the potential for using Google as the metaphor by which we infer what information is contextually relevant.


Struggle for context - RSS culture vs walled gardens This article is sponsored by:

Just as companies are struggling with compiling the right data for real-time decision making, individuals have the same problem - magnified by dependence on smaller and smaller devices, where filtering content for impact is a daily chore. Here's my thoughts on where that leaves us.

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What GMail knows about me and you This article is sponsored by:

You can now visualize all your connections. these show us patterns of activity between people and those in groups that will be familiar to us. But what does this say about our privacy and what are the implications for business?

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