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Attention enterprises - your AI project success in 2024 is not a given. What will separate wins from failures? This article is sponsored by:

Contrary to marketing hyperbole, the data shows that enterprises are not charging into AI with abandon in 2024. But for those that do, what will constitute AI success, or failure? Here's how companies will manage potential and risk - and my top eight underrated factors for AI projects.

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Are ERP customers ready for extensibility platforms? ASUG’s SAP BTP research underscores an emerging trend This article is sponsored by: ASUG logo transparent 250x150px

ASUG research reveals SAP customers are embracing SAP BTP - but the data shows that success with SAP BTP requires more. Customers must assess what components are important to their organization, and get buy-in from key stakeholders. ASUG's Marissa Gilbert breaks down the key findings about getting results with SAP BTP.

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