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Accenture's full year generative AI revenues come in at $300 million out of a $64.1 billion total. There's a long way to go, says CEO Julie Sweet This article is sponsored by:

Gen AI revenue has doubled in the past quarter, but projects are typically experimental and there's a lot of caution alongside the curiosity.


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Enterprise hits and misses - Cisco splurges on Splunk, enterprise LLMs get a gut check, and Oracle doubles down on healthcare (and AI) This article is sponsored by:

This week - Cisco pays a premium for Splunk, but why? Enterprise LLMs get a debunking - and a progress report. Fall events roll on, with Oracle CloudWorld reviews and analysis to peruse.


CloudWorld 23 - Larry Ellison’s Oracle AI vision extends well beyond the enterprise, it’s a vision for big world problems This article is sponsored by:

Ellison has a reputation for delivering an interesting keynote, but the past two years have felt very different for the Oracle co-founder and CTO. Generative AI is pushing Ellison’s vision beyond the four walls of the enterprise.

An image of Larry Ellison on stage at Oracle CloudWorld 2023

Enterprise hits and misses - smart cars aren't private, Dreamforce does AI, and ethical AI debt is a thing This article is sponsored by:

Dreamforce is in the books - and we've got your curated analysis. AI took center stage - but how would I grade the approach? Smart cars might be smart, but they are also data privacy sieves. Real-time is a work in progress, and ethical AI debt is real. As always, your whiffs.

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