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Las Cumbres Observatory – celestially 'snap-happy’ with Puppet This article is sponsored by:

The Las Cumbres Observatory has cornered a rather specialised market of deep space photography, including taking the important images that proved NASA’s Dart mission worked. But taking images of celestial bodies at any time requires a global network of telescopes, and a level of management and control across them all, of the highest order.

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Cloud computing and life sciences - Salesforce and Veeva explain the benefits of digital transformation This article is sponsored by:

The pandemic made clear to all of us how essential the work of the life sciences sector is. But can it operate more efficiently through digital transformation? The likes of Veeva Systems and Salesforce believe it can.

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While some white collar workers may be worried, logistics and transport sectors are optimistic on AI This article is sponsored by: Samsara logo

How do employees in physical operations industries feel about AI as part of their jobs? Depending on the role, it can be polarizing. Philip van der Wilt breaks down the latest research findings from Samsara's State of Connected Operations report.

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