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Does Delta care about fraud, scams or customer service?

Delta Airlines has a chequered history of customer service. Their best customers often praise them but they still get many complaints. So when an inquiry is sent that includes the words 'scam' and 'fraud' should they reply promptly? They don't and as a result they fail in offering full customer service.

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Building the digital enterprise can't be a rehash

Do we have the right management models in place that will enable the digital enterprise? Possibly not. Some argue that our current structures are hindering the business of the 21st century and need dismantling and recast. Some examples suggest it is possible to instantiate change while delivering value while retaining the best of hierarchies that work.


Estée Lauder's digital make-over

Estée Lauder is building a multi-channel route to market as digital investment complements traditional retail space, an approach that's helped it crack open markets such as China. Now it turns its sights on Brazil.

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Facebook likes Telcos - duh?

How are some of the major telcos making out on Facebook? If this random assessment of six vendors including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Vodafone Spain and India, Three UK and O2 are representative then it's far from good.