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NATS: learnings from a global social HCM roll-out

NATS is one of the world’s leading providers of air traffic control services, handling 2.2 million flights and 220 million passengers in UK airspace as well as working in more than 30 countries around the globe. It needed an integrated, global HCM solution.


Twenty minutes with Box COO Dan Levin

Dan Levin, Chief Operating Office at Box, was on a flying visit to London this week and I had the chance to grab a quick update chat with him about the firm’s progress internationally and his thoughts on data privacy - but not about Box’s rumoured filing for an IPO. (I tried!).

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Socially devoted to you - brand rankings meet analytics

“There was a wave of social marketing, then a lot about social listening. There’s consolidation going on there. The next wave of big companies will come in the social analytics space." Socialbakers CEO sets out his stall on the latest marketing cloud wars front.


LinkedIn looks to data analytics to achieve digital vision

“We aspire to build the world’s first economic graph; in other words, a digital mapping of the global economy, including a profile for every one of the 3 billion members of the global workforce, including all of their skills and expertise." A bold vision from CEO Jeff Weiner.