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Socially devoted to you - brand rankings meet analytics

“There was a wave of social marketing, then a lot about social listening. There’s consolidation going on there. The next wave of big companies will come in the social analytics space." Socialbakers CEO sets out his stall on the latest marketing cloud wars front.


LinkedIn looks to data analytics to achieve digital vision

“We aspire to build the world’s first economic graph; in other words, a digital mapping of the global economy, including a profile for every one of the 3 billion members of the global workforce, including all of their skills and expertise." A bold vision from CEO Jeff Weiner.


Fickle teens haven't buried Facebook yet

What are we to make of the ‘nightmare before Christmas’ from the grand-sounding Global Social Media Impact Study, a European Union-funded research programme which purports to have studied respondents aged 16 to 18 in eight countries for 15 months and found Facebook use was in sharp decline?


Social recruitment roundup

How much is recruitment changing? If you believe the tech vendors then plenty. But dig a little and you quickly see immaturity and iteration rather than any fundamental rethinking about how to improve this risky process.