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High performer organisations and their digital head start

Over the course of the four rounds of Accenture’s High Performance it research, there are three trends that continue unchanged: across the board, the gap between high performers and the rest remains wide; the CIO’s relationship with the rest of the C-suite is vitally important for their success; and, as technology becomes more central to businesses, the it and business agenda becomes one and the same.


Influence aggregation - LinkedIn and Little Bird

Influence aggregation is an emergent class of application that is taking the various strands from the social web and applying algorithms to assess influence. All provide some utility but all are flawed for widespread use in the B2B space. Here's why.


Can the BBC pull off a digital regeneration?

The BBC is a UK institution almost on a par with the National Health Service in terms of its role in the national consciousness. But it's also an organisation that's having to re-examine its role in the world and to work out its direction in a digital age.