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"AI software development is completely different" - how Sage plans to deliver enterprise AI with thousands of customer-specific finance models This article is sponsored by:

I expected to hear a well-thought AI strategy at Sage Transform. What I didn't expect were the surprises, including thousands of customer-specific finance models - and a mysterious non-product called the Sage AI Factory. Here's what I learned on the ground, including a sit down with Sage CTO Aaron Harris.

Aaron Harris, CTO Sage at Sage Transform 2024

SAP AI's strategy unfolds - on foundation models, cloud migrations, and how customers should respond This article is sponsored by:

In the conclusion of my discussion with Dr. Philipp Herzig, SAP's Chief AI Officer, we get into SAP's foundation model plans, and why SAP is building a Knowledge Graph. A companion podcast with Geoff Scott and Josh Greenbaum delves further: how should SAP customers respond?

Dr. Philipp Herzig of SAP

Has cloud manufacturing reached the tipping point? Behind Oracle's Fusion Cloud news with Steve Miranda This article is sponsored by:

Oracle's flurry of Fusion Cloud Applications news brings this question to a head: have we reached a cloud manufacturing tipping point? If so, what are the factors? Time to press the questions with Oracle's Steve Miranda.

oracle - steve miranda

Cloud ERP benefits are about data and automation now. Here's what Acumatica customers have learned - and how AI fits in This article is sponsored by:

Too often, cloud ERP customers fall short of the true benefits they can achieve. At Acumatica Summit 2024, I had the chance to delve into the results of dashboarding and workflow automation. Acumatica has now issued its Principles of Innovation, so how does AI fit in?

Sean Barnett of Spohn Associates at Acumatica Summit 2024
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