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The construction industry has a talent problem - can modern software change that? Sage's Dustin Stephens weighs in This article is sponsored by:

Construction and real estate is not an industry for the risk-averse; skilled labor shortages add to the risk factors. But a different type of construction software has emerged. Modernization isn't easy - but are the payoffs real? Here's my discussion with Sage's Dustin Stephens.

Workers on construction site using mobile device © Cineberg - shutterstock
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SAP Sapphire 2024 - amidst RISE and Copilots, the S/4HANA public cloud almost stole the show This article is sponsored by:

SAP Sapphire brought the expected Business AI and RISE fanfare. But something happened I wasn't expecting: S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition customers made their case, and did so loudly. Here's the rundown - but would I take back my opening question to SAP?

PureTech Scientific at SAP Sapphire

Want a quick, insightful way to evaluate software vendors? Here's one This article is sponsored by:

Buying enterprise software is about more than just functions and features. When you take the time to understand a vendor’s real priorities and how these affect specific constituencies, you see some things that will make you pause and possibly reconsider whether this is the vendor for you.


Enterprise hits and misses - is Return to Office a leadership crisis? Cyber threat talk heats up as event season rolls on This article is sponsored by:

This week - is Return to Office part of a broader leadership crisis, or is it a passive-aggressive layoff tactic? Cybersecurity threats sharpen the security discussion, but as our event roundups show, AI is still the hype magnet. Plus: your weekly whiffs.

Financial pitfall, mistake or failure, risk management, businessman looking into deep hole of banking percentage sign pit © eamesBot - Shutterstock

SAP Sapphire 2024 - why does SAP plan to acquire WalkMe? An early unvarnished take This article is sponsored by:

SAP had a few rabbits up its sleeve at Sapphire 2024. In particular, the surprise announcement of an agreement to acquire WalkMe shook things up. On the ground in Orlando, I had the chance to ask SAP leadership my burning questions - here's a first take.

SAP's Scott Russell fielding question

CMOs - want to reach peak financial performance all year round? Then partner with finance! This article is sponsored by: Planful logo

CMOs can fall into the insular distractions of juggling a marketing budget. But there is a better way: instead of probing spreadsheets, get a real-time finance view. Planful's Rowan Tonkin shares field stories on how to prove the value of marketing.

Marketing and finance concept © peshkov -

SAP Sapphire 2024 hot topic preview - getting real about RISE, cloud, and innovation with SAP's Jan Gilg This article is sponsored by:

SAP Sapphire is about to kick off - and AI is surely on the keynote menu. But for many SAP ERP customers, the know-how (and business case) for S/4HANA migrations is a huge topic; welcome to the RISE and cloud innovation debate. In this diginomica exclusive, SAP's Jan Gilg shares candid views on SAP's cloud evolution - and where we go from here.

Jan Gilg of SAP

Enterprise hits and misses - NVIDIA rides high on AI, but retailers have the macro-blues. The ROI of gen AI heats up, and sustainability simmers This article is sponsored by:

This week - NVIDIA rolls on, but for retailers, the ride is bumpier. Do generative AI projects reduce work? It's complicated. OpenAI had a rough week, but should enterprises care? And: sustainability is still a factor. Plus: epic event whiff.

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