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AI for finance should be about processes, not tasks - Planful CEO Grant Halloran challenges the AI productivity obsession This article is sponsored by:

My virtual meetup with Planful CEO Grant Halloran did not go as expected. Halloran says we're thinking about AI for finance leaders in the wrong way. AI for productivity is limited - AI for experimentation and growth is Halloran's mantra. Planful Perform 2024 should be interesting.

Grant Halloran, Planful CEO

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Public cloud ERP versus private cloud ERP - more than a deployment option. SAP's Jan Gilg weighs in on the S/4HANA dual code line debate This article is sponsored by:

At this year's SAP Sapphire networking events, you just might hear a debate about S/4HANA's dual code lines. But this isn't just navel-gazing. As this exclusive interview with SAP's Jan Gilg shows, this debate leads us right into SAP's Public and Private Cloud Editions of S/4HANA, and why these choices matter.

Jan Gilg of SAP

'Build once, use many times' - UK Crown Representative Nick Griffin on how firms like Oracle can help improve government service delivery This article is sponsored by:

Oracle is one of the strategic suppliers to government which can help to re-shape services with the citizen at the center. Crown Representative Nick Griffin explains how.


SuiteConnect NYC - helping customers scale with Oracle NetSuite This article is sponsored by:

Usually, software events are all about the technology, but Oracle NetSuite’s recent event in NYC was mostly about customers and how they can scale their businesses. The company even arranged for us to visit several customers’ shops down one Manhattan block to get the customers first hand and in the flesh. Read on for a different kind of event and vendor story.


"AI software development is completely different" - how Sage plans to deliver enterprise AI with thousands of customer-specific finance models This article is sponsored by:

I expected to hear a well-thought AI strategy at Sage Transform. What I didn't expect were the surprises, including thousands of customer-specific finance models - and a mysterious non-product called the Sage AI Factory. Here's what I learned on the ground, including a sit down with Sage CTO Aaron Harris.

Aaron Harris, CTO Sage at Sage Transform 2024

SAP AI's strategy unfolds - on foundation models, cloud migrations, and how customers should respond This article is sponsored by:

In the conclusion of my discussion with Dr. Philipp Herzig, SAP's Chief AI Officer, we get into SAP's foundation model plans, and why SAP is building a Knowledge Graph. A companion podcast with Geoff Scott and Josh Greenbaum delves further: how should SAP customers respond?

Dr. Philipp Herzig of SAP
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