Cloud adoption shapes unexpected business value

Matt Breslin Profile picture for user Matt Breslin January 12, 2015
Everyone expects to save costs from cloud adoption but most organizations find further benefits in cloud computing, writes Infor's Matt Breslin.

Matt Breslin, Infor
Matt Breslin, Infor

The main drivers for organizations to shift to cloud models are clearly economic: the transfer of capital expenditure to operating expenses, and the more granular and variable nature of how cloud services are purchased, compared to traditional software.

The numbers tell a compelling story, but economics is just the opening chapter in the book of cloud benefits for many organizations.

Take Gloucester Engineering, which reports saving a total of $182,000 in annual costs by going cloud. This leader in the plastics extrusion and converting industry chose an Infor cloud solution for many of the classic reasons, as CFO Adrian King explains:

Infor ERP Business in the cloud gives us the scalability to support future growth without forcing us to increase our IT and administrative costs. Having data in the cloud enables us to focus on our core business and leave system and hardware administration and backup to Infor.

But in addition to scalability and reliability, many other benefits flowed from adopting a cloud solution. Gloucester’s four separate business units were able to share the same software and a single data repository, speeding access to consistent information. Infor ION integration capabilities gave real-time visibility into business processes across CRM, sales, financials, and mixed-mode manufacturing, The cloud applications provided an intuitive user interface that helped speed adoption, while enabling mobile engagement regardless of where its staff may be.

Is one of these cloud capabilities compelling to you?

Cloud integrates and extends

Organizations are constantly pressed to automate, integrate, and extend their business processes. Cloud solutions deliver new automation, but also come with new integration and extension models for cloud services.

As Gloucester Engineering found, Infor ION middleware lets organizations connect disparate cloud and on-premise solutions in a hybrid approach, to extend business processes across the entire portfolio of applications. It provides integration, business process monitoring and an automated repository for operational reporting, regardless of which cloud solutions are used.

Cloud collaborates

Collaboration is a key facility for organizations using modern, cloud-based systems. Purposeful collaboration linked to business applications and activities speeds decision making, enhances learning, and fosters innovation. Collaborative organizations can connect with employees, customers, and suppliers to make decisions, resolve issues, or adapt or create new approaches.

Infor’s platform facilitates this collaboration, and ensures that it happens in line with the business processes and information in the cloud solutions.

Cloud is mobile

Since applications are no longer tethered to the data center, why should users be tethered to the network?

Secure connectivity to mobile applications enable people to work where they are, and how they want. The cloud simplifies delivery of mobile solutions across the enterprise as the cloud provider takes care of all the complexity of mobile connectivity and device support. Infor’s mobile platform puts a huge range of capability in your pocket or purse, allowing broad extension of your mobile solutions.

Innovative technologies in the cloud are yet another benefit of cloud adoption. With Infor cloud solutions, you will be able to build for the future with technologies like social and mobile, thus dramatically increasing the value of your business applications.

Learn more from Gloucester Engineering’s cloud experience. The company has been operating in the cloud since 2011.

Then watch this video on Infor ION to see what purpose-built middleware can do for you, or see this video on Infor Ming.le mobile to see anywhere, anytime collaboration in action.

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