CFO and operations cosy up to Plex UX

Profile picture for user gonzodaddy By Den Howlett May 8, 2016
Plex UX is proving popular among a variety of users. Check out the videos.

I never thought I'd ever hear a CFO eulogize user experience technology but that's exactly what happened at PowerPlex the other week. Let's up the ante though. CFOs are naturally cautious people so the thought of one acting as the prohect lead beta tester is even more radical. What's going on?

I've been talking since forever about the value cloud based solutions can bring to the finance department and beyond. Over the last few weeks, we've started to collect user stories from Workday where financial people offer their take on the benefits they are seeing from cloud based financials.

Last week, Brian Sommer gave us a walk through of panel observations he heard at two Plex events. Now we have a CFO on video talking value and benefit, noting that the new user interface is more visually pleasing and appealing than what went before. What's more, he's talking from a slightly technical perspective which is even more impressive.

Check this out:

Next we had a director of operations telling us how he managed user adoption in the real world. This is always a challenge. Some users will always resist change based upon their belief the 'new' can't possibly be as good as the 'old.' Often that fear is rooted in the fact that the user has likely worked hard to overcome difficulties in using an older system and doesn't fancy the prospect of losing that knowledge. Nick Jones, Aaron Thomas Packaging uses an interesting technique to persuade those users to move. Check out the video to hear what he has to say.

As a side note, Nick retains the nuclear option of simply making the new version the only one available. Not recommended except as a last resort.

I always enjoy hearing user experiences and these were no exception. On the one hand we have a surprise in the CFO's view around adoption and on the other we have a novel approach to making adoption stick. Great lessons for anyone considering new software. The unifying factor though is Plex UX, a significant upgrade to Plex Classic and one that is proving popular among the users I met at the event.