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Debating the automation skills paradox - can we democraticize enterprise automation? Automation Anywhere weighs in This article is sponsored by:

What does advanced automation look like? And is the automation skills paradox a barrier to widespread organizational adoption? To get to the heart of it, I had an in-depth dialogue with Automation Anywhere, including demo evaluations. Here's what I learned.


Enterprise hits and misses - enterprise software is legacy, and the impact of AI on jobs is overrated This article is sponsored by:

This week - is enterprise software on its last legs, with AI utilities taking over? Speaking of AI, is the job loss impact underrated, or overrated? Supply chain transformation is criticized; your whiffs include a very enthusiastic defense of the Metaverse.

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Salesforce data finds that we're all very excited by generative AI; the trouble is, only one in ten of us has the necessary skills to exploit it! This article is sponsored by:

Workers of the world are united in enthusiasm for generative AI, but would like their organizations to train them up in the necessary skills to use it in the workplace.

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Microsoft integrates Copilot into its employee engagement platform, Viva - but does AI really lead to better engaged employees? This article is sponsored by:

Microsoft looks to lead the pack in employee engagement software as it integrates its AI assistant, Copilot, with its employee engagement product, Viva. How might employees and leaders who take up this technology expect to be impacted?

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