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Responsible AI isn't just about ethics, it's about accuracy - a deeper look at Workday's evolving AI architecture This article is sponsored by:

Responsible AI is often tied to ethics - but shouldn't we also tie it to AI accuracy? Large Language Models have weaknesses there - but can that be mitigated? At Workday's Innovation Summit, I went under the hood with Workday's AI leaders.

Carl Eschenbach of Workday at the Workday Innovation Summit

Why semantic search is a better term than understanding for gen AI This article is sponsored by:

On the surface, it looks like new generative AI models are getting better at understanding us and the world. But this glosses over the risks and opportunities. The term Semantic Search makes it easier to understand new risks, frame business problems, and identify opportunities, particularly with multi-modal AI.


Enterprise hits and misses - ChatGPT-4o gets an early enterprise grade, Meta bails on Workplace, and AI forces a skills rethink This article is sponsored by:

This week - Meta bails on Workplace, but was this a serious enterprise play? OpenAI releases ChatGPT-4o - should the enterprise care? AI is forcing a skills rethink, but will it usurp developers? As always, your whiffs.

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