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Mulesoft CEO Brent Hayward - orchestrating enablement of the business versus narrowing the developer bottleneck This article is sponsored by:

The technology – AI, no code apps development, APIs etc – now exists to allow users who understand and work with a business process to modify and update it themselves, supported by semi-automated tools that handle the technology and free them to implement what is needed.


Enterprise hits and misses - enterprise AI adoption gets quantified, IBM acquires Apptio, and Twitter flirts with self-defeat again This article is sponsored by:

This week - leading enterprise software vendors reveal fresh AI data - but where do we stand on generative AI adoption? IBM acquires Apptio, Anaplan endures layoffs, digital transformation gets (re)constructed, and Twitter does its best to defeat itself.

King Checkmate

Salesforce EVP of Product Patrick Stokes on intentional enterprise friction, 'prompt engineering' and the rise of the Chief AI Officer This article is sponsored by:

As a technologist, Patrick Stokes would love generative AI to be something that organizations can just pick up and go with. But it's not that simple...

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